Abu Ibeji is coming to Okota

In sha Allah, Abu Ibeji is coming to deliver a one day public lecture in Okota, at Oshodi/Isolo area of Lagos State on 28th January, 2018.




TIME: 8:00 AM (if this time changes, we will rebroadcast)


FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 08030922717, 09063229299, 09070619604

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Ustadh Rasheed Mustapha Returns Home

Ustadh Rasheed Mustapha Abu Ibeji has completed his two month incarceration inside Ilesha and has regained his freedom today, 31st December, 2016. He has moved to his home in Ibadan. His Sunday magazine lecture continues tomorrow, 1st January, 2017 in sha Allah. 

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Ustadh Yusuf, Abu Abdillah Regains his Freedom

Ustadh Yusuf Abu Abdillah has regained his freedom from Ilesha prison today, 21st December, 2016. He has moved to his home in Iwo.

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Abu Ibeji and Abu Abdillah sentenced

At the Magistrate court in Iwo (Osun State, Nigeria), ustadh Rasheed Mustapha (Abu Ibeji) and ustadh Yusuf (Abu Abdillah) were sentenced to two and one months in prison, respectively. This is in connection to the case filed by Dr Asrau Bilal, who was refuted by Abu Ibeji on his call for democracy. Both Abu Ibeji and Abu Abdillah would serve their terms in Ilesha (Osun State) prison.

May Allah use their presence in the prison to spread Dawatus Salafiyyah to inmates and staff of the prison.

22/02/1438 (22/11/2016)

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Kindly list the audios you are not able to download 

Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

We implore the visitors to this website to kindly help us to list the audios that they are not able to download in the comment box below. 
Jazakumullahu khairan. 


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Meet of our Brother Abu Abdillah Yusuf Ikire

Meet our brother, Abu Abdillah Yusuf Ikire (based in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria)

Abu Abdillah Yusuf is one of the brothers who Allah freed from the shackles of Bidah. His former teachers were Dr. Siraj Asrau Al-Bilal and Dr. Faadl, both teachers are based in Iwo Osun State.
Since Abu Abdillah left Dr. Siraj for to embrace the Sunnah of the messenger, he has faced a lot of persecutions from the hands of innovators.

Abu Abdillah is the second defendant in the case filed by Dr. Asrau against Abu Ibeji, and so his beard was also forcefully shaven at the time when Abu Ibeji’s was done.

These kinds of attacks are not new to anyone who strives to uphold the sunnah and degrades innovations and innovators. Our Messenger and his sahaba faced similar persecutions in the hands of Abu Lahab and co.

Recently, Allah has saved him from assassination attempts on his life, alhamdulillah. Download the following short audios to know more about the attempts to kill him.

Click here to download(406KB -This happened on 23rd April, 2016)

Click here to download(209KB- This happened on 4th May, 2016)

Click here to download(268KB- This happened on 4th May, 2016)

We hereby present Abu Abdillah Yusuf to Muslims that understand or speak Yoruba all over the world. His lectures would be uploaded as we get them. May Allah grant the Muslims all over the world safety and protect His religion from the heresies of innovators and disbelievers.

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Muslims are invited to a 2-Day Public Lecture as scheduled below:

Day 1
Topic: What Nullify One’s Islam
Day: Saturday, February 27th, 2016
Speaker: Abu Abdillaah as-Salafi

Day 2
Topic: Signs of the Last Hour
Day: Sunday, February 28th, 2016
Speaker: Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha (Abu A’aishah – Abu Ibeji)

Venue: Km 1, Abeokuta Lagos Expressway, Off Idi Ori Road, Behind The Truth Nursery & Primary School, Opposite Tola Rentals, Ile-Ise Awo, Abeokuta, Ogun State

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Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha’s Face Mutilated

Our teacher Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha (Abu Aa’ishah or Abu Ibeji) appeared in court yesterday 15th February 2016 before the new judge who is now handling the case between him and Dr. Asrau al-Bilal. The judge admitted Abu Ibeji to a bail but until perfection of the bail conditions, he would be remanded in Ilesha prison in Osun State . The muslims were able to make some contributions among themselves and upon reaching the Ilesha prison to prefect the bail conditions, Abu Ibeji’s face has been mutilated; his full beard was completely shaven, subhanallaah. May Allaah strengthen his imaan as He has been doing to his pious servants from the time of the first salaf. We ask Allaah to open the heart of Dr. Asrau to know the truth and guide him to the proper application of what he learnt in the land of Tawheed (Saudi Arabia).

We enjoin all Muslims to remain calm as everything leads to Khair for him and us (as mentioned in the hadith of the Messenger).

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Ustadh Abu Aaishah Rosheed Mustopha (Abu Ibeji) has a lecture as scheduled below
Topic: Nawaakidul Islam (نواقض الإسلام)

Date: Sunday, 7th February, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Venue: Ibadu Rahman International Schools
57 Unity Street, Papa Ibafo, Ogun State.

For more information, call :


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Lectures are not downloading

Kindly tell us in the comment space provided if any audio is not downloading.

Jazakumullahu Khairan

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