The Methodology of the Khawarij (Audio)

Our scholars know the Khawarij through the Sunnah of the Prophet (salla Llaahu alaehi was sallam), they know what they are up to. This is why our scholars warn us not to have anything to do with them. Below are the lectures of Shaykh Muhammad Aliy Jabata which were recorded since the year 2009. (15MB) (16MB) (13MB) (12MB)



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2 thoughts on “The Methodology of the Khawarij (Audio)

  1. We all like it like this and we pray that

    Allah’s guidance
    Allah’s protection
    Allah’s blessing
    Allah’s mercy

    Be upon you All (JAZAKUMU LLAHU KHAIRAN)


    Maya salam


  2. islam is a good religion pls dnt allow abusing behavious and statement maasalam


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