Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha’s Face Mutilated

Our teacher Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha (Abu Aa’ishah or Abu Ibeji) appeared in court yesterday 15th February 2016 before the new judge who is now handling the case between him and Dr. Asrau al-Bilal. The judge admitted Abu Ibeji to a bail but until perfection of the bail conditions, he would be remanded in Ilesha prison in Osun State . The muslims were able to make some contributions among themselves and upon reaching the Ilesha prison to prefect the bail conditions, Abu Ibeji’s face has been mutilated; his full beard was completely shaven, subhanallaah. May Allaah strengthen his imaan as He has been doing to his pious servants from the time of the first salaf. We ask Allaah to open the heart of Dr. Asrau to know the truth and guide him to the proper application of what he learnt in the land of Tawheed (Saudi Arabia).

We enjoin all Muslims to remain calm as everything leads to Khair for him and us (as mentioned in the hadith of the Messenger).

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27 thoughts on “Ustadh Rosheed Mustopha’s Face Mutilated

  1. Ibrahim Ibn Abdul Waheed

    Subana-Allah… May Allah s.w continue to bee with him and all the Salaf around the Glob


  2. WA ALLAHU MUSTEEN..may Allah guide nd protect him dis really sadden.hw far as per his bail out nw?


  3. subhanallah….bt y shaven his beard


  4. na’am pls upload d lecture as soon as possible


  5. Allah (suhanahu wa taala) knws too well of wat he (Asrau Al-billal) intends but Watever be his motives…we salaf we dont have any reason defaming him..Buh, wit clear proofs from the sunnah and the glorious book Quran we cant declare ANY MUSLIM A DISBELIEVER JUST AS WE CANT DECLARE DISBELIEVER A MUSLIM as per the hadith of our prophet which we stand upon as a reference for any action we will be taking in the deen…SALAF are nt terrorizing the society, we dont hold grudge on any1, we witchhunt no1…we care abt the peace of our society we love our DEEN, we LOVE our country… we ar SALAF


  6. Boussari Mohamed Souleymane

    Je me demande pour quel raison Allah est Grand il va juger chacun de nous sur nos actes


  7. asalam alaykum warahmatullah,did abu Aisha did lecture on sat nd sunday ?


  8. abdullatif

    what is the title pls?


  9. na’am.jazakallah khayr


  10. Sodiq

    Dr. Asrau fear Allah and stop victimizing the salafs


  11. Ibn Imam Ahmad

    Assalam Alaekum


  12. abu fawzan

    innamal yusri yusra,Allah is still cominn to we salas aid as he as promised to be wit his own pple,he will surely assist us as he did to all his prophets nd the salafs before us,


  13. abufawzan

    pls i beg u wit Allah name to add me to d whatsapp grup chart.08jjj7,pls salafings m waitin fr ur action,i cnt wait to see me in da grup


  14. Alhamdu LiLlah, I’m glad to be hear today, for I’ve downloaded many audios
    Jazaakumu Llahu khaer


  15. nurudeen

    Salamu alaykum,please am just joining this site. I don’t know how to download lectures yet, sir explain to me and make it clear


    • wa alaykumus salamu warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
      Click on and hold “Download” in the same row as the audio you want to download. There should be a pop up menu, among the item in the menu is “Save as…”. Click on the “Save as…” , it should begin to download, in sha Allah.


  16. alaji

    almighty Allah will protect them and us in sah Allah,bcs everybody will reward all d thin u do in this life,pls ad me on dat WhatsApp.


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