Meet of our Brother Abu Abdillah Yusuf Ikire

Meet our brother, Abu Abdillah Yusuf Ikire (based in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria)

Abu Abdillah Yusuf is one of the brothers who Allah freed from the shackles of Bidah. His former teachers were Dr. Siraj Asrau Al-Bilal and Dr. Faadl, both teachers are based in Iwo Osun State.
Since Abu Abdillah left Dr. Siraj for to embrace the Sunnah of the messenger, he has faced a lot of persecutions from the hands of innovators.

Abu Abdillah is the second defendant in the case filed by Dr. Asrau against Abu Ibeji, and so his beard was also forcefully shaven at the time when Abu Ibeji’s was done.

These kinds of attacks are not new to anyone who strives to uphold the sunnah and degrades innovations and innovators. Our Messenger and his sahaba faced similar persecutions in the hands of Abu Lahab and co.

Recently, Allah has saved him from assassination attempts on his life, alhamdulillah. Download the following short audios to know more about the attempts to kill him.

Click here to download(406KB -This happened on 23rd April, 2016)

Click here to download(209KB- This happened on 4th May, 2016)

Click here to download(268KB- This happened on 4th May, 2016)

We hereby present Abu Abdillah Yusuf to Muslims that understand or speak Yoruba all over the world. His lectures would be uploaded as we get them. May Allah grant the Muslims all over the world safety and protect His religion from the heresies of innovators and disbelievers.

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One thought on “Meet of our Brother Abu Abdillah Yusuf Ikire

  1. Abdul shakiru Tiamiyu

    Inshallahu we are going to overcome challenges of innovators
    tough time never last but tough people do


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