Abu Ibeji and Abu Abdillah sentenced

At the Magistrate court in Iwo (Osun State, Nigeria), ustadh Rasheed Mustapha (Abu Ibeji) and ustadh Yusuf (Abu Abdillah) were sentenced to two and one months in prison, respectively. This is in connection to the case filed by Dr Asrau Bilal, who was refuted by Abu Ibeji on his call for democracy. Both Abu Ibeji and Abu Abdillah would serve their terms in Ilesha (Osun State) prison.

May Allah use their presence in the prison to spread Dawatus Salafiyyah to inmates and staff of the prison.

22/02/1438 (22/11/2016)

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6 thoughts on “Abu Ibeji and Abu Abdillah sentenced

  1. Rashman

    Muslim taking Muslim to court! Why is this happening within the ummah? In unity, we’d everly be strong while divided, we’d perish together. Musulumi ronú


    • alfaani

      you can not see a Muslim taking a Muslim to court frankly speaking JANGO Deen Asrau is not a Muslim


  2. alfaani

    you can not see a Muslim taking a Muslim to court frankly speaking JANGO Deen Asrau is not a Muslim


  3. Ridolloh

    Was a shame to d ummah for seeing our leaders doing this, if there’s a issue to settle I think there’s kitab andvsunnah .and they will ahave a meeting solve it among them . wow where are really preachers again



    Subhana Allah I CNT beleiv DAT ppl are still calling did Hasrau a Muslim

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  5. Muhammad 4rm Ilorin

    It Was A Great Pity On Bilal Asra. Indeed, I Think He Has Skeleton In His Cupboard. How Could Joining Or Nt Joinin Democrazy Prompt U 2 Jailin Some1? Subhanala! Where Was Dr Alaro? Had He Nt Spoken 2dis Asra? Wao, I Can Now See Why Everybody Of Them Hate Jabata. Walai, I’m A Gud Listener Of Dr Alaro’s Lectures Bt I Can Tel Frankly Dat He Shares D Samd View As Bilal On Democracy. Hmm… Is Democracy Part Of Our Code Of Life? Why Shd It Divide Us? I Hope Just As Abu Ibeji Claimed; Dr Bilal Shd Repent On His Misharp/misdeed.


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